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Your journey starts with us!.

Buying or selling real estate is a journey that most people go through once or twice in their lifetime. That is why it’s important to use trusted, experienced individuals who not only understand the emotions that you are going through, but have also experienced it for themselves.

Our founder Peter, understands that sound advice and understanding of the real estate industry is important, and is also clear that everybody has different needs and desires, that play an important part in their decision making for buying or selling property. Our marketing strategies are best in class, we apply practical learnings from both our professional and personal experience in the industry to formulate a winning recipe for your success.

Advice can be given by anyone, experienced advice can only be given by individuals who have been in a similar position that you may currently be in right now. Peter and the team at Exclusiv Real Estate focus on delivering exceptional customer service, backed by real life experiences. We believe that this is the foundation of Exclusiv Real estate and the blueprint for growing our relationship with you.

Exclusiv Real Estate is focused on making sure that your relationship with our team of industry experts extends beyond the transaction of buying or selling, but rather develops into a long term business relationship where we can help you grow in your real estate journey. If you are buying, selling or investing, let us help you to connect with your purpose in real estate..

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